The Fresh Hands Campaign

Campaign Initiative

Our team aims to identify, manage and action projects linking relevant needs and resources in an attempt to reduce infection rates through high-risk communities in South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our primary activities are aimed at connecting individuals and businesses with the resource capacity to assist grass-roots initiatives who we recognise as being effective at identifying relevant needs and enabling equitable distribution.

A huge thanks to the ladies at KiND for the support.

We’ll be updating our progress below in phases. Please get in touch if you have relevant ideas and/or resources.

Campaign Progress

Phase 5:

R20 000 (including approximately R1500 for transport delivery) worth of laboratory tested hand sanitiser in 5 litre refill bottles.

To be distributed to; Tembisa Ratanga, a community representative from Mfuleni, Rape Crisis,  Uturn and a soup kitchen run by Nana from Ekuphumleni CAN.

Phase 5: Hand sanitiser
Complete: (Food & blankets) 0%

Phase 4:

(Completed 15th April)

Three ‘trollies’ worth of a food purchase & 17 hand-knitted cot blankets. 

(Includes bulk maize meal, potatos, rice, onions, carrots, bread, samp, jungle oats, salt, baked beans, canola oil, sunflower oil, beef stock, chicken stock, milk, white sugar and soap.)

Distributed to; Nana from Ekuphumleni CAN for her soup kitchen & two families in Khayelitsha. The blankets went to Tembisa Ratanga.

Phase 4: Bulk food & hand-knitted blankets
Complete: (Food & blankets) 100%

Phase 3:

(Completed 15th April)

80 litres (320 x 250ml) hand wash & 32 litres (320 x 100ml) hand sanitisers to be distributed to Uturn, Tembisa Ratanga and Kommetjie CAN (to go into Masiphumelele)

Phase 3: Sanitiser & Hand Wash
Complete (112'000ml) 100%

Phase 2:

(Completed 25th March)

Phase 2 saw an additional 50 litres of anti-septic hand soap & 50 litres of hand sanitiser distributed to 9 organisations & grass-roots initiatives in Cape Town & KZN. 

U-Turn, OBSID, Obs Soup kitchen, Kasi RC Theatre, PnP Observatory Occupation, Wash-Station Project, Khayelitsha Food Initiative, Red Cross, Township Yogi, Mkhulise Foundation

Phase 2: Sanitiser & Anti-Septic Soap
Complete (100'000 ml)

Phase 1:

(Completed 23 March)

With your help the following aid has been provisioned:

  1. 110 x Portable Sanitiser Sprays
  2. 22 x Sanitiser Refills (380 & 500ml)
  3. 30 x Soap Liquid (380ml)
  4. 3 x Soap Refills (5l)

Tembisa Ratanga, Rape Crisis & Baphumelele Orphanage.

Phase 1: Sanitiser & Soap
Complete (38'000 ml)

Organisations / Grass-roots Initiatives

Cape Town, South Africa

Khayelitsha, South Africa

Khayelitsha, South Africa

Red Cross

Cape Town, South Africa


Observatory, Cape Town

Obs Pasta Kitchen

Observatory, Cape Town

RC Kasi Theatre

Khayelitsha, South Africa

Township Yogi

KZN, South Africa

Wash Station Project

Cape Town, South Africa

PnP Tent Occupation


Mkhulise Foundation

Khayelitsha, South Africa

Khayelitsha Food Initiative

Khayelitsha, South Africa


A big thank you to everyone who’s supported thus far! ♥️ 

  •                  (Judy)
  • August Collective (Marlise)
  •                  (Charlotte & Mieke)
  • Brand Loyalty (
  • AquaRiva
  • Dream Knysna            (Vanessa & Bronwyn)
  • Siyabonga Mbaba
  • B. Brockman
  • M. Berning
  • L. Brodie
  • B. van Zyl
  • H. Nadorp
  • D. Nicoll
  • N. v Graan 
  • J. Robey
  • J. Govender  

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