how can I help?

Have a look at what we are working on in our current                       phase and see how you can help out. 

In a simple answer – donations, resources or connections.        Anything is highly appreciated. 

Do you have an essential service certificate ?

Yes, as of March 2020 Fresh Hands has been declared as an essential service and can operate during national lockdown. 

How can we donate ?

There are two options for donations:

a) Direct bank deposit (see campaign page).

b) Snapscan (note: Snapscan account will show up as ‘Holy Roly’).

If i am not in south africa, how can i donate?

Snapscan is a mobile app enabling easy and secure money transfer for organisations/merchants in South Africa. International payments are accepted providing you have a ‘3D secure’ card. Transfer fees are similar to online purchases. 

HAVE A question?

You are welcome to give us a call at +27 79 397 9099.