Fresh Hands

Fresh Hands is a Cape Town based initiative assisting in the provision of relevant relief aid in response to COVID-19. We help activate new relationships by identifying needs and connecting community leaders, grass-roots organisations, donors and resources. 

For information on current and past campaigns, see the links below. If you have access to relevant resources, time or funds and would like to assist, please get in touch with our team at info@freshhands.co.za

Current campaigns are focused on first-order relief such as sanitiser and food.

Fresh Hands & KIND

Fresh Hands with the help of KiND has provided sanitary items and food parcels in and around Cape Town to organisations, communities & individuals. 

MLC Campaign

Morgan, Lwando & Caroline are Knysna residence and have been raising funds to distribute food parcels to the Knysna community. Click below to find out more.

Civil Society Food Campaign

The Civil Society Food Campaign is run by George and his team, focusing on organising food parcels for communities and individuals in Khayelitsha. Find out more below.